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Surgical  Coordination  of  Full  Mouth  Reconstruction

Worn or broken teeth not only detract visually from your appaerence, they affect your ability to chew foods properly, and influence your overall perception of your well-being.  There are several treatment approaches used to rehabilitate a person's smile.  While each treatment approach can vary dramatically, they are always focused on the recapture your functional health & visual confidence.

When full mouth rehabilitations are indicated, careful treatment planing is performed between       Dr. Chin and your Restoartive-Dentist.  Your treatment will be focused on your dental/functional needs, what you hope achieve through your treatment, your time + financial constraints.  As always, our treatment goal is achieving a predictable, functional and esthetic smile.

This office is equipped with the latest technology needed to acheive predictable results.  This office is equiped with an "I-CAT" CT-scan machine, and every CT-scan is reviewed/planned using 2 separate softwares to ensure the accuracy of your care (I-CATvison  &  Simplant  software). 

Full mouth reconstructions are inherently more technically challanging, as it a coordination of several dicaplins of Detnsitry.  It is NOT uncommon for your Restorative-Dentist and even your Laboratory-Technician to be present for your surgical care.At "Architects of a Healthy Smile" we want to make the experience of each patient unique and stress free.  Because  

For those who perfer "intravenous sedation" or even "general anesthesia", we will arrange for a Board Certified M.D. Aneshthesioligists to be present to provide this advanced service. 

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