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Orthodontic Exposure of Impacted Teeth

An "impacted tooth" simply means that a tooth is “stuck”, and can not erupt through the gingiva tissue into function.  ALL efforts are made to help an impacted tooth erupt into the correct dental position ("third molars" are the exception, since they are frequently impacted & commonly extracted). 

General Restorative Dentists & Orthodontists are usually first to discover that a tooth is missing from the oral environment.  If a tooth is "impacted", and its guided eruption deemed important, a "Surgical Dentist" will work with the "Orthodontist" to plan for its surgical exposure, the attachment of an Orthodontic device, so that the tooth can be Orthodontically guided into the proper position.

Every impacted tooth will be different, and have its own technical challenges.  For this reason, Dr. Anthony Chin's office has its own CT-scan, allowing a 3-D digital radiograph to be taken.  This gives your Doctors the ability to determine if it is predictable to move this tooth into its proper position. 

Orthodontically exposing an impacted tooth, involves reflecting the gingiva tissue (gum) covering and removing any bone covering/concealing the tooth.  An Orthodontic bracket will be bonded to the impacted tooth allowing elastics (or metallic chain) to join the hidden tooth to the existing Orthodontic appliance.  Gentle continuous forces are used to guide the impacted tooth into the oral environment.

While the "surgical cost" & "time needed" to bring an impacted tooth into the proper location may seem extreme.......Have no fear, you are "investing in most appropriate & logical treatment solution" that Mother-nature could design.


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