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Gingival Recession

There are two types of normal gingiva tissues that are needed around every tooth:

  1. Attached gingival tissues.
  2. Aleolar mucosa.

The attached Gingiva is attached to the tooth and underlying bone. Attached gingival does not move, and is a leather like tissue that is very resistant to trauma. The alveolar mucosa is the more delicate tissue of the two. Alveolar mucosa is loose and allows movement of the cheeks and lips. Alveolar mucosa is less resistant to trauma and heavy forces. Therefore overaggressive brushing and flossing, Orthodontic movement of teeth, tongue piercings that constantly rub on the gums will make the gums wear away from the tooth.

The gums do not have nerve endings that alert us that when we are being over aggressive with our brushing and flossing. Mainly recession is most noted because of sensitivity, or esthetics bring it to attention.

Unfortunately gum tissue does not grow back. Therefore when there is a mucogingival defect a tissue graft might be necessary to correct the problem. There are some cases that people will choose to have tissue grafts for esthetic reasons.

Our practice focuses not only in correcting recession surgically. We understand that if the habits that caused the recession to occur are not corrected all efforts to make the area healthier are worthless. We believe that all of our patients need to understand what brought them to where they currently are in their dental condition, and also what needs to be done to avoid problems in the future. We will not settle for anything less than a successful outcome.

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